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Contact us for personal counselling sessions, mediation, marriage preparation courses, marriage confirmation and a message on the big day. 

Email: kobus@connectionimpact.co.za

Phone: +27 79 515 8565

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Saving the world, one marriage at a time.

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"A marriage relationship needs to be safe for it to grow and thrive" 

-Kobus Pauw, Connection Impact

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15-17 Mei Konneksie naweek.
Connection Impact
10-12 Julie Huwelikstafel
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Connection Impact
6-8 November Konneksienaweek
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Let's Journey Together

If you are concerned about your relationship with your significant other, need some marriage relationship advice or need an opportunity to address your concerns, we provide the perfect setting to build on your relationship and can help you gain the skills to create a flourishing connection. 
Connection Impact is here for you and your loved one. 

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