Mental and emotional health during the pandemic

Mental and emotional health during the pandemic

The world has been changing and evolving since the beginning of 2020. We are faced with crisis like lockdowns,death, finances, career changes, isolation and depression. All of these place pressure on a relationship. We offer tools and support during these times. 

The pandemic

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Health and Safety

We offer online and in-person consultations and ensure that any sessions that are done in-house are sanitised and safe. 


Our Clients

"A marriage relationship needs to be safe for it to grow and thrive" 

-Kobus Pauw, Connection Impact

Covid 19 - Please stay safe and healthy.
Online coaching and counselling sessions available for support. 

General Tips from Kobus

Emotions and Safe Space 

How to deal with future Insecurity


How to deal with stress together





Praying together

How to deal with the kids

Living together with others

Finance and budgeting interview